Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

Tutorial hijab II turki style

Alhamdulillah I've created a video tutorial Hijab II :)
I hope you like this video :) hehee
thank you :*


Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

classmates International Relation

bonjour!! :D

this is picture in class room IR

me and Kinsky or call him Wollter but I like call him Wolter because Wollter reminds will Worter (vegetable) hihiiiihii
  wooww her name is very weird right? hahaa *silent
but he was very delight to be invited frenzy :D that's right!!!

 NEXT! =>

this is my friend too her name is Zacky yupss..

 and on the left his name is Robby (Idiot) hahaa :p after that her name Ghea sii Reptile lovers

Kinsky, Nia sii garrulous :p, Mr. Komting (Andhika) sii cups cupss, Eno and Adit cipit like singing :D

and right corner is Intan :)

ok!! so there are my friends in International Relation of  UPN Veteran Surabaya
masih banyak lagi tetapi hanya mereka- mereka  ini yang gila foto :D 

see you bubayyyy :*